Watch: Construction at Empire Outlets takes shape


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A whole lot of concrete was poured at Empire Outlets between Friday and Saturday.

It was 2,800 cubic yards of concrete to be exact.

The concrete was transported via 250 trucks to Empire Outlets’ construction site in St. George to create the future “economic heartbeat” of the complex.

“This is actually the entire loading dock structure, so it’s the economic heartbeat to Empire Outlets. It’s all below grade; it’s in the parking structure. This is where all the tractor trailers will pull in and deliver merchandise to the retailers,” said Joseph Ferrara, principal of BFC Partners, Empire Outlets developer.

“We pour approximately 30,000 square feet of concrete per week at Empire Outlets. But this is substantial. This is the largest concrete single pour that the project will take on,” he added.

After news that officials at LPCiminelli — a company managing construction for Empire Outlets —  were arrested Thursday on bribery charges in connection with another development project upstate, BFC Partners said it will reconsider ties with the construction company.

“These allegations are deeply troubling and we are reevaluating our relationship with LPCiminelli,” a BFC Partners spokesperson said.


With much of the ground work complete, the outlet structures will soon take shape, said Ferrara.

“We are going to start going vertical and you will start to see structures above grade. When people drive by now or walk by the site you don’t see much, but from the waterfront side you are starting to see the parking structure,” he added, noting the buildings for the anchor tenants — Nordstrom Rack, Nike Factory and H & M will be built first.


While construction has progressed, so has the leasing of the stores and restaurants that will be housed at the outlets. The most recent lease signed was Two Boots Pizza.


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