What We Do

Improving Access to Affordable Housing & Mixed-Income Apartments

BFC Partners’ development projects bolster New York City neighborhoods with new affordable housing, mixed-income apartments, retail spaces, and other community-enhancing features. We create inclusive communities where our residents can feel at home to live, work, and play.

What We Do Infographic - Community Engagement, Asset Management, Affordable Housing Preservation, Construction Management, Development

A Community-First Team of Urban Developers

We are a committed member of the community. We value responsibility, accountability, and integrity in all our projects.

BFC Partners is an integrated Developer and Construction Manager with expertise in planning and development of mixed income developments. We manage every step of the development process from sourcing, financing, design, construction, and asset management. We are long term owners and strive for long term stability and quality of life for our residents and communities.

BFC Partners’ Core Capabilities

1. Development

BFC is an industry leader in mixed use/mixed income development in New York City. We’ve built or preserved over 11,000 housing units, developed over 2,000,000 square feet of commercial and retail space, and over 1,000,000 square feet of community facility space.

Our process begins with early community engagement to ensure our projects deliver maximum positive impacts on the neighborhood.

We have a long-term outlook on every project we undertake. Our residents and partners can expect well-maintained buildings and grounds, and responsiveness to questions, concerns, and maintenance issues.

The facade of a new community development
A BFC Partners groundbreaking

2. Construction Management

BFC is a leader in the construction field with expertise across all asset classes. Our construction professionals are involved with our projects from inception through completion and have decades of experience experienced in complex and high-profile projects.

We ensure that the project is not only delivered on time and on budget, but is also constructed to the highest quality standard and with environmentally sound practices.

We also strive for diverse and inclusive job sites and have a robust M/WBE and local hiring plan for every project we undertake.

3. Community Engagement

Clear and consistent communication is essential to our business model. As long-term owners/developers, we strive to create meaningful relationships with our residents and neighbors.

In addition to improving our properties with local retail, community facilities, and residential amenities, our team is available and ready to work with residents going through crisis.

BFC Partners cuts the ribbon
The grounds outside a community development

4. Affordable Housing Preservation

We seek to preserve affordable housing by renewing aging building infrastructure and investing in our residents.

BFC has preserved over 5,000 units of aging housing, revitalizing buildings but also extending affordability to ensure residents can remain in their homes.

We strive to improve our resident’s quality of life, whether it’s better playgrounds, increased security, or increased access to social services, we’re there for our communities every step of the way.

5. Asset Management

As long-term owners, we take an active role in our projects after completion. We stay involved to ensure that potential problems are addressed before they arise, and our residents always enjoy a high quality of life.

A community development on the waterfront

BFC Partners’ Development Initiatives in Action

Over the last three decades, BFC Partners has developed transformative urban places with multi-purpose development projects, which include affordable housing, mixed-income apartments, retail spaces, and more. Take a closer look at BFC Partners’ urban development projects.

Partner Together With BFC

Our community-first development projects create inclusive neighborhoods through collaborations with the community, local governments, and building professionals.