Who We Are

BFC Partners is a full-service, real estate development firm that creates community-first, urban development solutions. Since 1984, BFC has been at the forefront of developing high quality affordable, mixed-income, and market rate housing. We are dedicated to revitalizing communities and improving the lives our of residents and neighbors.

As leaders in the field, our government, financial, and community partners seek us out to help start new programs and undertake complicated projects.

Our Values

We take our responsibility as owner and managers with diligence and pride. We are committed to socially responsible business practices and our decision making is guided by our founding principles:

Pioneering Progress

We work in neighborhoods that are unique and evolving and we establish positive momentum for the benefit of these communities. We are also committed to developing our properties with sustainable building techniques and implementing cutting edge energy efficiency measures.

BFC Partners revitalizes neighborhoods

Committing to Community

We work with community groups, include vital retail spaces in our buildings, and stay in an area as owners/managers. We strongly believe that we and our projects become a part of the neighborhood’s long-term growth.

BFC Partners connects to the community

Staying Affordable

Building and preserving affordable housing is a critical component of all of our projects. We strive to make our developments accessible to the local communities that we build in and seek to build economically diverse housing where it is needed most.

BFC Partners add retail space to New York City

Sharing Success

We create vibrant community hubs by providing great homes for New Yorkers while delivering great returns for partners. We partner with not-for-profit organizations grounded in the communities in which we work and collaborate with local M/WBE vendors and contractors to ensure the project’s economic benefit is directly shared with local residents.

BFC Partners builds mixed-use developments

Being Accountable

We control costs, pursue quality, and maintain our properties by delivering on promises – from deadlines to design details – every step of the way. Maintaining the commitments, we make to the communities we serve is of paramount importance. Once we’ve invested in a community, we have a strong track record of follow-up with more projects, more investment, and remaining invested in those communities for decades.

A skyscraper in New York City

Our Team

Our executives bring over 35 years of experience in development, construction and finance. Our administrative and supervisory personnel include approximately 100 dedicated professionals and our many field staff include experienced project superintendents, tradesmen and laborers.

Donald Capoccia

Donald Capoccia

Managing Principal

Joseph Ferrara

Joseph Ferrara


Brandon Baron

Brandon Baron


Winthrop Wharton

Winthrop Wharton

Executive Director of Development

Partner Together With BFC

We create community-first urban development solutions in collaboration with the community, local governments, and building professionals.